Who we are.

BeBrand - We are a team of professionals with experience of 15 years of work in areas like Design and Web Design, Website Optimization, Copywriting, Social Networking Management, Programming, Graphic Production and Spaces Decoration (stores, offices, others). We develop projects in several markets (Portugal, Brazil and Angola) and have partnerships in different areas, so that we can achieve the best of the various aspects of each project.

What we do.

We work all graphic media (from the logo to the stationary, from the flyer to outdoor, from design to production), the information and advertising contents (writing, copywriting), media and web channels (websites, blogs, new media, social networks) promotional events (actions and release campaigns, fairs, exhibitions) and the spaces decoration projects (windows, interiors, vehicles, production and application).
We create the best strategy to help your brand development.

How we do it.

From the briefing to the creative process, from development to production, we apply in each project our experience and the way we see things, often beyond the obvious (we know it is the detail that can really make a difference).
We believe, that today, marks are significant entities, so we treat them as such. 
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Your ideas.

We always hear what customers have to say (even that they not always tell us all). We are available to help, answer, advice or even disagree.

Our passion.

We have a passion for what we do and we believe in our work as an asset. In Communication, in Design, in Advertising, in each Copy.
The concept must generate interest, has to work!

The goals.

We have the basic principle that the easy way is almost never indicated. So we will always argue, even if (as a starting point) the customer is always right.
We propose a strategy, no support really works alone.

Web Design. Apps mobile

The websites created contents are treated in the concept line of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which makes the optimization for search engines, thus allowing that the web visibility becomes a real added value for your company.
We give due importance to web design (attractive, clean, credible), to functionality (navigability, simplicity, innovation) and to the fact of being a responsive website (adaptable to different platforms and resolutions).

Strategy and Communication.

Communication is crucial to each company image. We think the overall strategy that adapts to the company´s reality and make your communication effective. We base this strategy on three essential points, coherence, cohesion and continuity, associate creativity and create the tools that make them in specific communication actions and pointed to the results.

Design and Branding

Branding, we create each brand’s personality, we define the concept and apply the Design.
Design, from the corporate image to the flyer and the outdoor, from the brochure to the poster, from business space decoration to the event, from merchandising to exhibition stand, we seek that your message is disseminated in a creative way, appealing, sometimes even outside the "comfort zone" that is accustomed. Either way, we always raise the product (identity and characteristics) that we want to communicate.

Clínica Dentária YOU

Clínica Dentária YOU Branding, Naming, Copy, Design.


IdentikSphere Branding, Design, Identidade Corporativa.

Glam Perfumaria e Estética

Glam Perfumaria e Estética Branding, Print, Web.

Cyspresso Cafés

Cyspresso Cafés Branding, Print, Web.

Policlínica Clínica Dentária

Policlínica Clínica Dentária Branding, Print, Web.

Casa Galrão

Casa Galrão Branding, Print, Web.

BeBrand with "Médico dos Dentes"

BeBrand is working on “Médico dos Dentes” communication (Rita Pereira is one of the brand ambassadors). Since last September we started this regular collaboration with the clear objective of creating greater brand awareness (in particular through its content in social media, but also in a broader...

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New Website – YOU Dental Clinic

The new website "YOU - Dental Clinic" is now online.A project that deserved the usual dedication and commitment from our team and resulted in a significant upgrade for YOU – Dental Clinic's communication.Design, Implementation and  SEO Optimization by...

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How to increase and enhance your site's visitors?

Show to those who seek: Contents and Optimization (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).The SEO is reflected on the content and organization, on site navigation, as the code of the page, in the presence of pages in social network shares...The Optimization for Search Engines (SEO) is one of the most important activities...

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i Meco, Ai Meco

i Meco. New bar in Meco. We worked the image, they work cocktails and good environment. Any resemblance to other apples is no coincidence. Fresh Branding waiting for the...

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Fruit juice brand illustrations

An illustration work (design) for a recognized brand of fruit juices.For confidentiality reasons we cannot reveal its name, but one of these days you may be faced with it (most likely in a supermarket near you). Confess that it makes you feel like it…We liked the result a lot, so for us it's good...

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We are based in Loures (Lisboa, Portugal), but we work internationally.
For any clarification, help or simple information do not hesitate to contact us.



+351 91 498 11 11 - Mário Temóteo (CEO / Manager)

Av. das Descobertas, 15, 2ºE, Infantado
2670-383 Infantado / Loures / Lisboa

+ 351 21 597 51 65

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